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Teamwork Makes a Dream Work!

I've been thinking...don't run for cover, it's not as dangerous as some say 😊...

As often as we say we want to be strong and independent, as often as we say we can do it all by ourselves...most things in life take a team. Everything from running a business, to taking care of a household, to raising children...even little things in life like...(ok this is my job so no big surprise, I'm bringing up hair)...  HAIR! ( hey! don't roll your eyes, I warned you!

Teams work a lot like a body. Every part has its own job. If one part of the team isn't working correctly or together with the rest of the team, it directly effects the whole team. 

Most of our guests at Salon Boutique know, teamwork in our salon is very important to us. We all, often, help out with each others clients. Our collective goal being, that every guest has a great and relaxing experience. Tell me if I'm wrong, but I think it works! I love interacting with my co-Stylists friends and family! I know they love getting to know mine as well! 

So how does all this 'teamwork' talk relate to hair? I'm so glad you hypothetically asked! When you look at hair pictures on Pinterest, and when you wish you had that girl's hair on that tv show, I have a little secret to tell you....I'm gonna type this in my whisper voice...That beautiful hair is 10% hers and 90% awesome products!!! So how do you know what your team of products should be? I will put numbers in front of the steps to find your 'team of products' because it's scientifically proven that people remember things better when the steps are numbered. You're welcome!

  1. Ask your stylist for her recommendation...refer to #2 for more information about what your stylist should tell you  
  2. Great hair begins with great shampoo and conditioner that caters to your specific needs. Trust me, there is one for every hair issue that you may have...unless you're bald... I can't promise anything then, and you have probably already quit reading this 'hair-based blog' due to unrelatable content.  
  3. This will be my last step because it is scientifically proven that most people stop following steps after #3 due to monotony. You will need a good heat protectant such as Color Fanatic by Pureology. This is the wonder product. If you don't use anything else, use this one! It's like a multi-vitamin for your hair. It boasts of 21 different benefits and come on people, let's face it, if a product does 21 different things and that doesn't cover most of your hair problems then you might need to go wig shopping...I also have a great razor company I can recommend. I'M KIDDING!! Ok so, Color Fanatic is a must comes the polishing product. The polishing product is the one that tames the extra frizzies and leaves your hair super shiny and silky. My favorites are Glow Dry oil by Redken and Argon 6 oil by Redken. Step 3 was crazy long, I know, but I'm just trying to help you remember. Thank the scientists.

These product work together as a team. Leave one out, and your finished product will be lacking. I promise you! Don't come telling me that you want me to give you hair like Jennifer Aniston, but you want to use Suave shampoo and leave it air dry. Sorry Charlie, my magic wand isn't that magical. If it were, I would have used it on myself a long time ago!!

If you want the dreamwork, you need the team work! 

Take a moment today to thank the 'team' in your life that helps you run smooth-ish-ly! I hope that your stylist is a part of your team! You, our clients, are a huge part of ours! Without you, we would just be a bunch of chicks who have a fascination for scissors. We ❀️ you!!  

Build your dreams and don't forget your teams!! 😘 

Resolutions: How to NOT Fail

Well, here we are. It's almost the end of the first month of 2017. Crazy, right?

How many of you have made AND broken your New Year's Resolution? Raise your hand. Never mind, I can't see you, put it back down.


I have a little tip for you, when it comes to resolutions...make THREE of them!

Example : #1. I resolve to lose 10lbs this year.

Example : #2. I resolve to eat as much ice cream as I want this year.

Example : #3. I resolve to shop more this year.

Now, by the end of the year, if you complete 2 out of 3, you are a grand success!! No more of this 1 resolution crap! No more setting ourselves up for failure and defeat! We are winners!! At least 2/3 of the time!!


 If you haven't made a resolution, that's ok too! I would like to give you a few ideas that you could adopt as goals, if you so choose. Warning: These are fun and frivolous because it's more fun to be frivolous.

Resolution Idea #1

I resolve to treat my hair as if I wear it every day, and as if people see it first when I walk in a room...oh wait! I do! And they do! How do you treat your hair? Do you protect it? Do you style least sometimes? Do you clean it with quality shampoo and properly condition it? The kind of products you use in your hair are very important! This year, ask your stylist what you need to have healthy, shiny, beautiful hair...then, invest in it! It is the accessory that you wear with every outfit, so make it good!! Some of my favorite products that anyone can use are these...






 (  Ask me about any of these products and receive 20% off any of them when you mention this blog)

(Ask me about any of these products and receive 20% off any of them when you mention this blog)

Resolution Idea #2

I resolve to moisturize my skin and drink more water. Ok don't leave me yet! Seriously! If you don't take care of your skin you will wrinkle up like a little raisin and you won't like it!! Nobody has ever said 'I can't wait til I'm old and can get more wrinkles!'. Don't get me wrong now, I LOVE a beautifully aged older woman!! I love her silver hair, her laugh lines, and her wisdom! I'm sure, in her wisdom, she would tell you to MOISTURIZE YOURSELF!  ☺️...and the drinking water part of this idea is just common sense. We all know that water is a crucial element to staying young and healthy. (Btw I wasn't yelling at you about moisturizers, it's just so difficult to emphasize without capitals!)

Resolution Idea #3

Do something you have always wanted to do this year! Whether it be big or small, find a way to do something that you will always remember. I will tell you a little secret...this year I want to be just a little more fearless. I want to worry less about unimportant things and enjoy the moments more. I want to make memories, happy memories with the people I love. We only have this one, short life...this year, make it count! Hey! Ask me in December what memories I made and what fearless things I did!! I plan to write them down, so I should have a list! If I don't, you can smack me.


I hope these ideas spark something in you! Please comment and let me know! Or feel free to message me! I will be right here to hold you to your resolutions, so that like me, you too can be at least 2/3 a success!!


Happy Resoluting!! (<-- that is not a word shhhhh πŸ˜‰)


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