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''Twas However Long Before Christmas...

 'Twas 2 weeks before Christmas and all through the air, were the sounds of blow dryers and sprays for our hair.






The stylists were decked out with Christmas cheer, for they are so happy to see your face here!


Talking and planning while mixing hair colors, for mommys and daughters and even some brothers! 


Our clients all snuggled safe at our stations, with coffee or hot cocoa like a tiny vacation.


We hope that you love the look we created, our goal is for our guests to walk out elated!!

And although this may be our last visit this year, we can't wait to hear about your Christmas, my dear!

So come back and see us in 2018,  and we'll make you feel like a beauty queen!

May REDKEN and PUREOLOGY be on your wish list, and may one and may all have a Very Merry Christmas!!πŸŽ„πŸŽ 


Teamwork Makes a Dream Work!

I've been thinking...don't run for cover, it's not as dangerous as some say 😊...

As often as we say we want to be strong and independent, as often as we say we can do it all by ourselves...most things in life take a team. Everything from running a business, to taking care of a household, to raising children...even little things in life like...(ok this is my job so no big surprise, I'm bringing up hair)...  HAIR! ( hey! don't roll your eyes, I warned you!

Teams work a lot like a body. Every part has its own job. If one part of the team isn't working correctly or together with the rest of the team, it directly effects the whole team. 

Most of our guests at Salon Boutique know, teamwork in our salon is very important to us. We all, often, help out with each others clients. Our collective goal being, that every guest has a great and relaxing experience. Tell me if I'm wrong, but I think it works! I love interacting with my co-Stylists friends and family! I know they love getting to know mine as well! 

So how does all this 'teamwork' talk relate to hair? I'm so glad you hypothetically asked! When you look at hair pictures on Pinterest, and when you wish you had that girl's hair on that tv show, I have a little secret to tell you....I'm gonna type this in my whisper voice...That beautiful hair is 10% hers and 90% awesome products!!! So how do you know what your team of products should be? I will put numbers in front of the steps to find your 'team of products' because it's scientifically proven that people remember things better when the steps are numbered. You're welcome!

  1. Ask your stylist for her recommendation...refer to #2 for more information about what your stylist should tell you  
  2. Great hair begins with great shampoo and conditioner that caters to your specific needs. Trust me, there is one for every hair issue that you may have...unless you're bald... I can't promise anything then, and you have probably already quit reading this 'hair-based blog' due to unrelatable content.  
  3. This will be my last step because it is scientifically proven that most people stop following steps after #3 due to monotony. You will need a good heat protectant such as Color Fanatic by Pureology. This is the wonder product. If you don't use anything else, use this one! It's like a multi-vitamin for your hair. It boasts of 21 different benefits and come on people, let's face it, if a product does 21 different things and that doesn't cover most of your hair problems then you might need to go wig shopping...I also have a great razor company I can recommend. I'M KIDDING!! Ok so, Color Fanatic is a must comes the polishing product. The polishing product is the one that tames the extra frizzies and leaves your hair super shiny and silky. My favorites are Glow Dry oil by Redken and Argon 6 oil by Redken. Step 3 was crazy long, I know, but I'm just trying to help you remember. Thank the scientists.

These product work together as a team. Leave one out, and your finished product will be lacking. I promise you! Don't come telling me that you want me to give you hair like Jennifer Aniston, but you want to use Suave shampoo and leave it air dry. Sorry Charlie, my magic wand isn't that magical. If it were, I would have used it on myself a long time ago!!

If you want the dreamwork, you need the team work! 

Take a moment today to thank the 'team' in your life that helps you run smooth-ish-ly! I hope that your stylist is a part of your team! You, our clients, are a huge part of ours! Without you, we would just be a bunch of chicks who have a fascination for scissors. We ❀️ you!!  

Build your dreams and don't forget your teams!! 😘 

Resolutions: How to NOT Fail

Well, here we are. It's almost the end of the first month of 2017. Crazy, right?

How many of you have made AND broken your New Year's Resolution? Raise your hand. Never mind, I can't see you, put it back down.


I have a little tip for you, when it comes to resolutions...make THREE of them!

Example : #1. I resolve to lose 10lbs this year.

Example : #2. I resolve to eat as much ice cream as I want this year.

Example : #3. I resolve to shop more this year.

Now, by the end of the year, if you complete 2 out of 3, you are a grand success!! No more of this 1 resolution crap! No more setting ourselves up for failure and defeat! We are winners!! At least 2/3 of the time!!


 If you haven't made a resolution, that's ok too! I would like to give you a few ideas that you could adopt as goals, if you so choose. Warning: These are fun and frivolous because it's more fun to be frivolous.

Resolution Idea #1

I resolve to treat my hair as if I wear it every day, and as if people see it first when I walk in a room...oh wait! I do! And they do! How do you treat your hair? Do you protect it? Do you style least sometimes? Do you clean it with quality shampoo and properly condition it? The kind of products you use in your hair are very important! This year, ask your stylist what you need to have healthy, shiny, beautiful hair...then, invest in it! It is the accessory that you wear with every outfit, so make it good!! Some of my favorite products that anyone can use are these...






 (  Ask me about any of these products and receive 20% off any of them when you mention this blog)

(Ask me about any of these products and receive 20% off any of them when you mention this blog)

Resolution Idea #2

I resolve to moisturize my skin and drink more water. Ok don't leave me yet! Seriously! If you don't take care of your skin you will wrinkle up like a little raisin and you won't like it!! Nobody has ever said 'I can't wait til I'm old and can get more wrinkles!'. Don't get me wrong now, I LOVE a beautifully aged older woman!! I love her silver hair, her laugh lines, and her wisdom! I'm sure, in her wisdom, she would tell you to MOISTURIZE YOURSELF!  ☺️...and the drinking water part of this idea is just common sense. We all know that water is a crucial element to staying young and healthy. (Btw I wasn't yelling at you about moisturizers, it's just so difficult to emphasize without capitals!)

Resolution Idea #3

Do something you have always wanted to do this year! Whether it be big or small, find a way to do something that you will always remember. I will tell you a little secret...this year I want to be just a little more fearless. I want to worry less about unimportant things and enjoy the moments more. I want to make memories, happy memories with the people I love. We only have this one, short life...this year, make it count! Hey! Ask me in December what memories I made and what fearless things I did!! I plan to write them down, so I should have a list! If I don't, you can smack me.


I hope these ideas spark something in you! Please comment and let me know! Or feel free to message me! I will be right here to hold you to your resolutions, so that like me, you too can be at least 2/3 a success!!


Happy Resoluting!! (<-- that is not a word shhhhh πŸ˜‰)


    Most of the time when I write this blog my goal is to be fun, a little superficial, maybe with a dash of sarcasm and occasional sweetness... Today, I have a deep-ish thought that I'm sure is not super original but definitely worth consideration.

In the salon, we see reflections every day, all day. We are surrounded by mirrors. Every reflection is different. Some are happy, some are not. Sometimes I think, what if instead of the mirror reflecting what our hair or makeup looks like... What if the mirror reflected the nice thing we did for someone that day. What if it showed us our thoughts and dreams. What if it reflected the inner beauty we posses or the lack there of.  If even for just for one day, every time we glanced at our reflection, we could see a great mom or wife, a sweet and kind stylist, or a caring and thoughtful friend looking back at us. As stylists we do our best to create beauty... but so many times when my clients walk in the door and sit in my chair, I see the beautiful, strong person looking back at me. They may have 'sparkly roots' or they often apologize because they didn't apply makeup that day, but I see a sweet and kind soul looking at me in the mirror and I wish they could see what I see.

In 2017, I hope to continue to create beautiful hair, makeup, or nails... but more than that, I want my clients to leave with a glimpse of themselves as I see them. I want them to know how much I have appreciated their conversations. I want them to see their beauty through someone else's eyes. I want them to feel beautiful because their hair is how they want it AND because I helped them see what a great mom they are, or what a kind smile they have, or what a sweet friend they have been.


What I am trying to say is, during this next year, what if we focus on our inner beauty and not only the outer beauty. This doesn't mean we should shlub around through 2017 looking like hobos while we focus on spreading good will and happiness. Trust me, people are very happy when you take care of yourself. So don't go running around telling people that the SB Blogger gave you a free pass! Let's keep our outer beauty matching our inner amazingness! This year, let's be aware of how we make others feel about themselves. Let's help others see the beauty we see in them!

While you are reflecting on 2016, remember to see the beautiful things that happened and try not to beat yourself up for the mistakes. A new year can be a fresh start. Let's make 2017 our best year ever! I can't wait to spend this year with all of you!


Happy and Beautiful New Year!!!


Thankful is Beautiful

This week we celebrate Thanksgiving! I usually try to always do the unexpected, but not this week! A Thanksgiving blog about all the things I am grateful for, is very expected. Actually, doing the expected is very unexpected for me, so it's cool!

Anyway...If I took the time to write down ALL that I am thankful for, we would be here for a long time. So I'll limit myself to beauty related gratefulness! You're welcome! 


A good hair day is something every human can appreciate. Something about knowing your hair is on point makes even the bad days better. It's seems frivolous and vain, but think about it...if you got arrested today, how much better would your day be if your mug shot was fantastic, rather than if you looked like a toad. So I'm gonna say out loud what everyone already feels in their heart. I AM THANKFUL FOR GOOD HAIR DAYS! 


I am also thankful for electricity and scientists! Before you roll your eyes, give me a second to make my point. Have you seen the pictures of what people looked like when all they had was grease and water to style their hair? Granted, there were some that took the time to hold a metal pole over a fire to create a caveman curling iron...hence my gratitude for electricity!


I am equally grateful for scientists. The products that are now available to basically do magical hair voodoo, are mind-blowing...thanks to genius scientists! If we didn't have the awesome styling products that they have created to control my hair, this would be my headshot! 


But more than all of the beautiful reasons above, on behalf of the entire SBSquad, we are so incredibly THANKFUL for YOU! Without our clients we would just be a group of bored women who have a fascination for scissors. We love spending our days and evenings with you! We love to hear about your lives...the good, bad, and the funny! It makes our day to be a part of your life, and many of you have grown to be like our family. Thank you for choosing us!!  


We wish you all a wonderful Thanksgiving and we can't wait to hear about the food, the fun, and even the family drama!! 😊 ❀️


The Answers to the Why's

As stylists, we get asked the WHY? questions almost daily. I decided to answer some of our most asked questions for you today for 2 reasons! First, because we all love answers and knowing things. Secondly, because I want to see who reads this blog (if you come ask me these questions I will know who didn't read it! it investigative reporting if you like 😁)


β€’ Why did Salon Boutique choose REDKEN and PUREOLOGY?

We love what REDKEN offers for every hair type. The diversity of color options, as well as product options, has something to more than satisfy any client. PUREOLOGY is a sister company to REDKEN. It is an elite company in that it is completely Vegan, and is 100% concentrated giving you more product for your money. I could go on and on about these color/product lines but I will stop there because I don't want to have to find a publishing company for the book I could write. Ha!


β€’ Why does my hair seem to stop growing...can I make it grow faster?

If hair is not trimmed regularly and kept healthy it will seem like it isn't growing. Also, the use of hair tools that are too hot or without proper heat protection, can damage hair and cause it to break off. I have read, in some cultures, if you have trouble growing your hair they just shave it off and start over...'they' say that it helps stimulate the hair follicles resulting in thick, fast growing hair. For the record, I do not recommend shaving your head (but if you decide to, let me know so I can document the grow out process!! 😊)


A few more recommended options would be...Use good products, take your vitamins, and maintain a healthy trim schedule, and your hair will grow! I promise!

Why does my hair get frizzy?     

There are 379 reason why hair gets frizzy. It is a constant struggle for many! A few frizz factors are...the over-all health of the hair, the weather, the natural texture of the hair...the list goes on... The best way to fight frizz starts with the health of your hair, of course., then, quality products! Ask your stylist to help you find the correct products for your hair type. Don't just slap a ton of conditioner on and expect it to be a fix-all. Dry hair can be a frizz maker, but what you don't realize is over moisturized hair is just as much of a creator of frizz. I could go into the scientific terms like proper PH levels and directions of cuticle, but I don't want to bore your socks off. You're welcome! 😊

My favorite frizz fighting products that work in most types of hair are Redken Frizz Dismiss.


This line has something for every level of frizz. It also has weather blockers in it to help keep your hair under control all day, rain or shine, freezing or steaming.


Another favorite is Redken Glow dry Diamond Oil. This is a light-weight serum that smoothes and softens the hair while adding diamond shine.


  • Why does my hair get crispy around my face first?


When styling your hair, where do you spend the most time making sure it's just right? The front! You touch it, pull it, put heat on it, put it in clips...right?? So don't freak out, it's ok! Grab a split end salve and make sure you are using a heat protectant and continue styling! You will notice a big difference in what your hair can handle if it's being protected. "Always use protection."


β€’ Why does my color fade?

There is no such thing as a color that never fades. If a stylist tries to tell you that, ask them how many lakeside condos they own in the Sahara. However, there are things that CAN control how quickly or slowly your color fades. Using shampoo that is not color safe or that contains a lot of sulfates can cause color to fade quickly. The sun or tanning bed can lighten color and even highlights. Using high heat often can strip color. Lack of moisture can cause the cuticles of your hair to stay open, resulting in your color 'falling out' or fading. How can we slow the fading process?


 Well, that is not a 'Why' question,  so you will have to wait for the 'Answers to the Hows' blog... I'm kidding!! πŸ˜†  There are a few awesome secrets to help that color stay brighter, longer! Use color-safe shampoo. Use a heat protectant. Use a conditioner suited to your hair type. Turn down the heat on your curling iron or flat iron. Most importantly, get your hair professionally colored! It really makes ALL the difference in the health and quality of your hair! No joke, it will last WAY longer and it is SO WORTH IT!


    Next time someone asks the 'Why' questions, now you have some answers! And always feel free to ask our SBSQUAD any questions you may have!! Thank you for reading!

    Happy Styling!!❀️

    Beach Hair...Don't Care!

    So, I am sitting on the beach with my freshly polished toes curled in the sand. I have almost successfully tuned out the hum of people around me. My hair is almost dry from my dip in the ocean, so I decided to take a selfie. I can't help but wonder what makes beach hair so fabulous?! Why won't my hair do this when I decide to be lazy at home and allow my hair to dry on its own!?

    I would post my selfie but my camera was pointed the wrong direction and caught this instead.....


    I am not a science teacher, but I did learn some interesting things in Cosmetology school that explains all this magic perfectly! I will keep this short and sweet...

    Our lesson for today goes like this...

    Your hair's water content is what makes it stretchy, elastic, and moisturized. Also, similar to your skin and the rest of your body, your hair can become "dehydrated" and dry if too much moisture is lost through evaporation. Due to the high salt content in sea water, when ocean water evaporates it leaves your hair even more dehydrated, dry, and brittle. Ocean water also leaves behind a glorious mixture of salt, minerals, and a dash of fish poo...voila! Nature's own texturizing hair gel! 


    As much as we love our dehydrated, salty beach hair, we unfortunately can't make it a permanent thing without risking breakage and the dreaded Frizz!  So it's as simple as this... bring a leave-in conditioner (preferably with UV protection) to spray through your hair throughout the day to lock in the moisture without taking away from the salty texture! My favorite is Colour Fanatic by Pureology. It has 21 benefits and provides the protection and moisture your hair needs to keep it healthy while enjoying your vacation. 


    β€’Check out Redken Fashion Waves Spray or Redken Beach Envy Volume Spray! Both of these fine products that replicate the salty feel.

     β€’If you enjoy DIY, here's  a recipe for salty hair... minus the magical fish poo! Nobody can exactly duplicate the 'beach waves formula' that the ocean can give you, but this one is pretty darn close!! 



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