I'm Not Me Without You!

Today was a day I won't soon forget. I knew this job has always been much more than a job to me. It's more than curls and a paycheck. Its about this huge family that I have been blessed with. People that I spend time with every few weeks, for years! I get to celebrate their happy times with them and I hurt with them when life is tough.


Today, a long-time client came in...I have seen pictures of his family, and I know that he has survived a difficult fight against cancer. I know that he travels as often as he can because he knows life isn't promised. I was excited when he found out he was going to be a grandpa again and I was even more excited when his new granddaughter was born...but today I met his daughter. She was bringing him for the first time, because in the few weeks since his last appointment he suffered a stroke and underwent emergency brain surgery. His daughter brought him because he can barely walk and his speech has been affected. My heart broke. I realized today, what a giant part of my life my clients have become. I realized that these people are like family to me. This precious man is expected to make a full recovery, thank God, but today was a reminder that nobody should be taken for granted.


Each one of us that are privileged to work at Salon Boutique have built special relationships with you, the adopted family that sit in our chairs. We wouldn't be who we are without you. Every day we learn new things. We laugh with you, we hurt with you, we experience life's excitements with you. When you are having a hard day, all we want is to help make things better. I can't say how thankful I am to be touched by so many lives. In between your visits, we wonder how your kids are, how your vacation went, if you got that new job, if you have lost your mind planning that wedding or event. Do not take it lightly when we say we CARE about you. Thank you for not only trusting us with your hair but inviting us into your lives.


I hope I never take for granted the great gift I have been given. Today, I am so grateful!

From the team at Salon Boutique, We Love You! Thank you for being part of our lives!❤️


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