Most of the time when I write this blog my goal is to be fun, a little superficial, maybe with a dash of sarcasm and occasional sweetness... Today, I have a deep-ish thought that I'm sure is not super original but definitely worth consideration.

In the salon, we see reflections every day, all day. We are surrounded by mirrors. Every reflection is different. Some are happy, some are not. Sometimes I think, what if instead of the mirror reflecting what our hair or makeup looks like... What if the mirror reflected the nice thing we did for someone that day. What if it showed us our thoughts and dreams. What if it reflected the inner beauty we posses or the lack there of.  If even for just for one day, every time we glanced at our reflection, we could see a great mom or wife, a sweet and kind stylist, or a caring and thoughtful friend looking back at us. As stylists we do our best to create beauty... but so many times when my clients walk in the door and sit in my chair, I see the beautiful, strong person looking back at me. They may have 'sparkly roots' or they often apologize because they didn't apply makeup that day, but I see a sweet and kind soul looking at me in the mirror and I wish they could see what I see.

In 2017, I hope to continue to create beautiful hair, makeup, or nails... but more than that, I want my clients to leave with a glimpse of themselves as I see them. I want them to know how much I have appreciated their conversations. I want them to see their beauty through someone else's eyes. I want them to feel beautiful because their hair is how they want it AND because I helped them see what a great mom they are, or what a kind smile they have, or what a sweet friend they have been.


What I am trying to say is, during this next year, what if we focus on our inner beauty and not only the outer beauty. This doesn't mean we should shlub around through 2017 looking like hobos while we focus on spreading good will and happiness. Trust me, people are very happy when you take care of yourself. So don't go running around telling people that the SB Blogger gave you a free pass! Let's keep our outer beauty matching our inner amazingness! This year, let's be aware of how we make others feel about themselves. Let's help others see the beauty we see in them!

While you are reflecting on 2016, remember to see the beautiful things that happened and try not to beat yourself up for the mistakes. A new year can be a fresh start. Let's make 2017 our best year ever! I can't wait to spend this year with all of you!


Happy and Beautiful New Year!!!



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