Thankful is Beautiful

This week we celebrate Thanksgiving! I usually try to always do the unexpected, but not this week! A Thanksgiving blog about all the things I am grateful for, is very expected. Actually, doing the expected is very unexpected for me, so it's cool!

Anyway...If I took the time to write down ALL that I am thankful for, we would be here for a long time. So I'll limit myself to beauty related gratefulness! You're welcome! 


A good hair day is something every human can appreciate. Something about knowing your hair is on point makes even the bad days better. It's seems frivolous and vain, but think about it...if you got arrested today, how much better would your day be if your mug shot was fantastic, rather than if you looked like a toad. So I'm gonna say out loud what everyone already feels in their heart. I AM THANKFUL FOR GOOD HAIR DAYS! 


I am also thankful for electricity and scientists! Before you roll your eyes, give me a second to make my point. Have you seen the pictures of what people looked like when all they had was grease and water to style their hair? Granted, there were some that took the time to hold a metal pole over a fire to create a caveman curling iron...hence my gratitude for electricity!


I am equally grateful for scientists. The products that are now available to basically do magical hair voodoo, are mind-blowing...thanks to genius scientists! If we didn't have the awesome styling products that they have created to control my hair, this would be my headshot! 


But more than all of the beautiful reasons above, on behalf of the entire SBSquad, we are so incredibly THANKFUL for YOU! Without our clients we would just be a group of bored women who have a fascination for scissors. We love spending our days and evenings with you! We love to hear about your lives...the good, bad, and the funny! It makes our day to be a part of your life, and many of you have grown to be like our family. Thank you for choosing us!!  


We wish you all a wonderful Thanksgiving and we can't wait to hear about the food, the fun, and even the family drama!! 😊 ❤️



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