The Answers to the Why's

As stylists, we get asked the WHY? questions almost daily. I decided to answer some of our most asked questions for you today for 2 reasons! First, because we all love answers and knowing things. Secondly, because I want to see who reads this blog (if you come ask me these questions I will know who didn't read it! it investigative reporting if you like 😁)


• Why did Salon Boutique choose REDKEN and PUREOLOGY?

We love what REDKEN offers for every hair type. The diversity of color options, as well as product options, has something to more than satisfy any client. PUREOLOGY is a sister company to REDKEN. It is an elite company in that it is completely Vegan, and is 100% concentrated giving you more product for your money. I could go on and on about these color/product lines but I will stop there because I don't want to have to find a publishing company for the book I could write. Ha!


• Why does my hair seem to stop growing...can I make it grow faster?

If hair is not trimmed regularly and kept healthy it will seem like it isn't growing. Also, the use of hair tools that are too hot or without proper heat protection, can damage hair and cause it to break off. I have read, in some cultures, if you have trouble growing your hair they just shave it off and start over...'they' say that it helps stimulate the hair follicles resulting in thick, fast growing hair. For the record, I do not recommend shaving your head (but if you decide to, let me know so I can document the grow out process!! 😊)


A few more recommended options would be...Use good products, take your vitamins, and maintain a healthy trim schedule, and your hair will grow! I promise!

Why does my hair get frizzy?     

There are 379 reason why hair gets frizzy. It is a constant struggle for many! A few frizz factors are...the over-all health of the hair, the weather, the natural texture of the hair...the list goes on... The best way to fight frizz starts with the health of your hair, of course., then, quality products! Ask your stylist to help you find the correct products for your hair type. Don't just slap a ton of conditioner on and expect it to be a fix-all. Dry hair can be a frizz maker, but what you don't realize is over moisturized hair is just as much of a creator of frizz. I could go into the scientific terms like proper PH levels and directions of cuticle, but I don't want to bore your socks off. You're welcome! 😊

My favorite frizz fighting products that work in most types of hair are Redken Frizz Dismiss.


This line has something for every level of frizz. It also has weather blockers in it to help keep your hair under control all day, rain or shine, freezing or steaming.


Another favorite is Redken Glow dry Diamond Oil. This is a light-weight serum that smoothes and softens the hair while adding diamond shine.


  • Why does my hair get crispy around my face first?


When styling your hair, where do you spend the most time making sure it's just right? The front! You touch it, pull it, put heat on it, put it in clips...right?? So don't freak out, it's ok! Grab a split end salve and make sure you are using a heat protectant and continue styling! You will notice a big difference in what your hair can handle if it's being protected. "Always use protection."


• Why does my color fade?

There is no such thing as a color that never fades. If a stylist tries to tell you that, ask them how many lakeside condos they own in the Sahara. However, there are things that CAN control how quickly or slowly your color fades. Using shampoo that is not color safe or that contains a lot of sulfates can cause color to fade quickly. The sun or tanning bed can lighten color and even highlights. Using high heat often can strip color. Lack of moisture can cause the cuticles of your hair to stay open, resulting in your color 'falling out' or fading. How can we slow the fading process?


 Well, that is not a 'Why' question,  so you will have to wait for the 'Answers to the Hows' blog... I'm kidding!! 😆  There are a few awesome secrets to help that color stay brighter, longer! Use color-safe shampoo. Use a heat protectant. Use a conditioner suited to your hair type. Turn down the heat on your curling iron or flat iron. Most importantly, get your hair professionally colored! It really makes ALL the difference in the health and quality of your hair! No joke, it will last WAY longer and it is SO WORTH IT!


    Next time someone asks the 'Why' questions, now you have some answers! And always feel free to ask our SBSQUAD any questions you may have!! Thank you for reading!

    Happy Styling!!❤️


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